MRF History

MRF Engineering was conceived in late 2002 by its current company founder with a strong drive to achieve a lifelong goal of building high performance automobiles. With a background in mechanical and electrical engineering, extensive suspension, engine and electrical work had been done on numerous high-performance automobiles. Within days of starting the company, MRF Engineering was already heavily modifying Lexus IS300’s with Turbochargers and Superchargers along with complete custom standalone engine management and tuning. The Lexus IS300 was a breakthrough vehicle for MRF Engineering for showcasing heavy modification capability and began to grow massively with BMW’s and expanded to many other high-performance automobiles.

The MRF Engineering team decided to further its mechanical engineering knowledge, putting forth new ideas and prior experience, starting a new era for the company. MRF Engineering completed numerous turbocharged IS300’s and exceeded expectations of enthusiasts by dynamometer proven horsepower, reliability and the dedication to always be available anywhere in the country.

By the end of 2006, MRF Engineering had installed a complete Supra 2JZ-GTE engine into an IS300, a challenge that few have been able to globally conquer successfully and reliably. But that wasn’t gratifying enough, everything had to be race built, from the fuel system, to the race ported cylinder head and complete custom proprietary electronics to fully integrate all Lexus luxury and functionality with 760+ Rear-Wheel Horsepower on tap.

In an industry where tuners come and go overnight, MRF Engineering has tightly held onto its core values and methodology: to be consistent, dedicated and to keep workmanship effective no matter what the job or goal entails. MRF Engineering’s key assets are knowledge and experience, which allow us to continually provide the services desired for a broad enthusiast base. Whether your goal is a daily compliant street car or a fully built track car, look no further than MRF Engineering to help you achieve these goals.

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