MRF Engineering E9x BMW M3 Flash Tune

MRF Engineering is proud to offer a high caliber flash tune for the MSS60 DME of the E9x BMW M3. This tune has been crafted to work seamlessly with our E9x Velaforza Exhaust system to provide superbly refined power delivery and excitement while retaining factory BMW drivability and functionality.

Combined with the MRF Engineering exhaust system, there is a 56 horsepower gain over the standard 414 horsepower. Torque output is improved 45 ft/lbs over the standard 295 ft/lbs of the standard S65 powered M3.

Maximum permissible engine speed is raised and set at 8600 RPM. The DME Flash provides 23 Horsepower and 19 ft/lbs improvement over an MRF Velaforza equipped BMW M3.

Standard BMW M3 Power specifications:

414 Horsepower; 295 Ft/lbs Torque

MRF Engineering equipped E9x M3 Specifications:

470 Horsepower; 340 Ft/lbs Torque

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